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A City Beaming With Beauty

A City Beaming with Beauty Photo by Dexter Baldon Who will ever ignore A city beaming with beauty? Who would never recall The locals that are friendly? Who would never want to see The dainty city near the sea? Who would never want to feel The calming wind’s serenity? Legazpi, a city by the Pacific Landscapes are panoramic Ambience quite romantic And delicacies fantastic… So it might be nice to tour The City of Fun and Adventure And if you’re a foodie, savour Its spicy culinary culture For there, you will discover The dishes that sting The volcano that’s stunning The rides so exciting Found on the extreme east of the world Across the wide expanse of an ocean Very far from other places But home to many good surprises Legazpi, a city by the Pacific A place comely in many ways Legazpi, the city which beams with beauty A place of elegance and grace...