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The Change of Panoramas

  The warm and scenic ci ty 7 In the Isles of Phi lip pines 7 Named the Port of Le gaz pi 7 Where the views are so love ly. 7 It is my home and a home it's been. 9 Its beau ty and wonders I have seen 9 In the eyes of a lo cal tourist 9 That one can't see in o ther cities! 9 But there's a longing in me 7 To wit ness the au tumn leaves 7 As they fall down from the trees 7 Or blown by gentle breeze . 6 The change of pa no ramas 7 Of is lands, cliffs and the seas 7 From the country to cities 7 To A frican sa fa ris! 7 There's a long ing in me to see 8 The world beyond this city 7 Though it's nice and pret ty 6 There's a lot more to see 6 The change of pa no ramas 7 From the summer of Sep tem ber 8 To au tumn of Octo ber 7 When leaves turn green to au burn 7 The change of pa no ramas 7 From New England's scar let 6 To Ca li fornia's sun set 7 And the cyans of Phu ket 7 The change of pa no ramas 7 How streams meander on v

2020: One Fine Year

  2020 was like wine ... sour but with a sweet aftertaste... The past year has been extra challenging for everyone. The same was very much my experience as well. There were days when I wanted to quit altogether. Yes, it was that difficult for me. But along with the horrors were life-changing lessons that made the year feel as though it was a glass of sour wine that felt better as it went on. It seems ironic to describe everyone's annus horribilis  as a fine year , but I have the inclination to label something based on how I remember it, regardless of how different it has actually been... Early January |  Lost Kittens Beloved , one of the lost kittens. December 2019 was extra joyful because our family enjoyed looking at four tiny kittens running around the house. These little creatures brought joy to a home of all adults.  Unfortunately, 2020 came off to a bad start. All four kittens were swept away by some misfortune. They hopped on to my car, without me knowing, and while I was dr