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An Irony of Surprises

When asked who I am, I can't quite say for I myself could not figure out who myself was. For instance, I don't like reading but I write. I don't understand poems but I write poetry. I can't sing - according to my mom - but I compose songs. I was called an 'Einstein' in high school, but, instead of taking up science courses, I ended up a lawyer. I would love to bike or swim, but instead I work out at the gym. I memorized all the states of the US - including New Mexico - but I've never been to any one of them. I know Faroe Islands, the Seychelles, Gdansk, Cancun, Seville, and so many other places on earth --- but I've never traveled outside the country. I can draw the entire map of Mindanao, but I've never even been there. I know so much about history, but I lack depth and understanding in politics. I consider myself a frustrated economist --- but all I have is a savings account. I love dancing but I don't have the sense of r

My Musical Memory Lane

Songs played on the radio at any particular moment remind me of the days when they dominated the airwaves. Just the first few sounds of a melody already brings back old memories. If the hit song was from the '90s, I remember my childhood; if it's from the noughties, I am taken back to my teenage and early adult years. I was born in the late 1980s so this article does not feature songs from that era but the years 1991 and later are represented. As they say, if you want to travel back in time, you'd have to read old books and other articles... but isn't it even more wonderful when you hear songs from way back in the past that give such periods in history some sort of jive and to some extent, soul? Come and join me in my voyage to the past through hit songs that dominated the airwaves in yesteryears... 1991 The Prince of Pop's most upbeat song reminds me of 1991, the year when it was first released. 1992 In 1992, I was a little kid in kind

Very Vivid Dreams

Originally written October 13, 2015 Every time I close my eyes to sleep, lines and colours spring forth from nowhere creating patterns that appear like pieces of art and architecture. Against the backdrop of coal black, I see what are often purple lines and figures intertwining with each other, forming objects that are magnificent. Blinking as they are, the colours change from purple to pink to yellow to orange to indigo, flickering endlessly like Christmas lights. Sometimes the lines form buildings of architectural designs that are nowhere to be found on earth. At other times, the lines appear as dancing fireworks in the night sky. Last night, they formed flowers and plants of diverse colours and shapes, imitating the flourishing garden I had visited hours before. I wish I can draw and paint my vivid dreams to share the otherworldly imaginations my sleeping mind allows me to see. Unfortunately, just as I am not well-acquainted with the arts, to the same extent the sp

Mind & Heart Conversations

It was minutes past 1 am last night but I still couldn't fall asleep. I was conversing with myself - a part of me was opening up. This is something strange for if it had a mouth, it would be mute or would be silent the entire time. It only feels. It rarely talks. It does sing however, and write. But talking will be the last thing it does. Last night was different though. Like Zechariah in the gospel, it was made to talk - at long last. Mind asked it deep, personal questions. It doesn't know how to say anything, except rarely - if at all. But mind couldn't fall asleep so it disturbed its silent friend to open up and finally say what's bothering it... ------ Mind: so you still love her? Heart: no. Mind: but you still have feelings for her? Heart: yup. Mind: so you do love her? Heart: I don’t want to brand it as “love”. It’s not supposed to be spoken; it’s supposed to be felt. I never said I love her but, deep within me, I want to be with her