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A Thousand And One Feelings

 There is sadness, there is gladness Gloom and doom, delight and fright There is lewdness, there is madness Swoon and lampoon, spite and slight Image Source A little shift here and there Could make a notable change In my mood or - worse - temper Everything seems arranged --- From a half note on a song To the use of spices on a dish Or a random, awful dong To a beautiful, granted wish A little change in the decors A little shift in colors A newly-cleaned dazzling floor That emits a strange odor There is always something new In one little change or two Even the mist of morning dew Could make me fall in love with you A set of long-ago memories Could either make me go sad Force me to laugh, or give me bliss And, in rare instances, go mad A nice message from a friend A tight hug from my mother Both make me smile from end to end What a feeling shared with others... But the best emotion of all To remember as I always should To recall and recall and recall Is nothing else but that of gratitude

Euro Tour | Smorgasbord of Sights!

September 2023.  My birthmonth, my birthyear. I was born a hare, so this year had to be special. Everyone knows of my Euro Trip with my aunt and my sister. But, unlike most people think, the tour was not premeditated. It was a split-second decision. No matter what happens, I will make 2023 a special year. I was born a hare, and this year was the year of the Water Hare. It happens once every twelve years, and the next one will be 2035. I don't think I could wait that long, could I? So when I heard my aunt and my sister talk about a possible Euro Tour on no other month but September - my birthmonth - I immediately asked if I could go with them. "Sure," said my aunt. The rest was history! In this post, I will share some photos of our destinations. As promised, I will make separate entries for each destination on separate articles linked to this article. For now, enjoy the pictures below as much as I enjoyed taking and posting them. 😊 Magnificent Milan 🇮🇹 Venice, the Float

Tears of Joy

  It was the early days of 2013 I remember the things I've seen Something was special those days and nights An event changed my entire life I was at the top of the class then When I was told to come home To my lonesome, childless parents Deep within, I was all alone I absolutely had no friends I didn't even know myself I was empty, unhappy And then, I discovered DXP All my life was void But someone fin'lly gave me joy In the nothingness of cyberspace I didn't even have the capacity to see your face But the feelings I had resonate Until today, up to now, maybe for ever I am willing to wait Because of the many things I remember Do you know happiness? Do you know sadness? When I remember you I feel both of these two Maybe, but it's just my guess You bring me both happiness and sadness Joys for the funny memories Gloom for the same kinds of bliss That you both gave to me Happy, unhappy, or both maybe But now, I'm saying sorry For whatever I did to thee Every day, I

Flashback 2022: Year of Friendships

  Despite being foretold as a tumultuous year with so many ups and downs, 2022 eventually turned out to be a year I gained so many new friends. It is the product of the many lessons I learned since 2018 and thereabouts --- I learned to relax, to be more open-minded, and to be more positive about life. There were many bad things happening everywhere since the start of the decade so 2022 was the year I focused on things I can control and, if the world around me is a travesty, I tried to make my own universe a haven of peace and tranquility. I didn't have to work hard to attain that goal in 2022, which is a year shaped by the lessons of the past five years or so. In this blog entry, I reveal the most memorable events of the past year to look back on. I thank my family and my friends for making it a wonderful year that it has been... 7 January Bonfire with HS Classmates The biggest guffaw of the year happened this night and the person responsible for this is the guy on the picture, a c