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Hell Is An Exuberant Castle

The Hall of Mirrors at Amalienburg / Steve Jurvetson / Wiki Commons Hell is an exuberant castle With lavish garden, flowing stream, Interiors painted in pastel As though one enters a splendid dream Found in the deep forest Not only is it magnificent Everything from east to west Is luxurious and decadent Its impressionist paintings Are gracefully moving People and animals constantly doing Laughing, conversing, and prancing Everything is animated Cast in pastel shades of rococo Its guests are constantly fed With saffron, truffle, belgian cocoa They, too, are immensely satisfied With the most expensive wines And the finest, most divine Of all fruits and berries worldwide Classical music, jazz, bossa nova Filled all of its gracious, spacious halls There's enough room for everyone And even more inside its soaring walls And down the bedrooms Are soothing, relaxing scents Rose petals, lavenders loom Everywhere, all around, the aromas transcend As the guests gradually blow The dulcet ligh