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The Flora & Fauna Symphony

  This is the ninth chapter  of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  The island's exotic plant and animal species serenaded the young man... A small dove was cooing nearby... Hoooooooooooooooop....  Poo-poo-poo-poo-pooop... Amethyst Brown Dove Photo Credit: Rodolfo Quinio through  Amethyst Brown-Dove - eBird Hoooooooooooooooop....  Poo-poo-poo-poo-pooop... Soon, its friends flew nearby and began to join its cooing. Poo-poo-roo-poo-poop! They were sitting on the branches of trees. Esteban looked keenly on their feathers. Their primary color was cappuccino but their chests and necks were adorned with amethyst fur... We are the flora and fauna Of these beautiful islands! We need your assistance Protect us from foreign hands! Our habitats are in danger From the wants of invaders Truly, we are very scared But with you, we will dare! Poo-poo-poo-roo-poo-poop! We're amethyst brown doves Music is one of our first loves We will reveal you the othe

Christmas Eve 1999

The last few days of the past century Winding down the nineties The very first of a special year We all call the Great Jubilee Once a thousand years' event A milestone, on that night, began When we were little children Though I was almost adolescent The air was filled with cheerful music As I recall those days so nostalgic Even then, even now, I always remember How special those holidays were The joys of that pleasant night The Christmas Eve of nineteen ninety nine Always makes me breathe a long, long sigh For one thing remains the only sign Of my childhood's joys and happinesses Of my naivete and innocences Of the world's absolute pureness As I perceived through all my senses The feelings I still have Forever kept in my head In my heart, in my very core Mem'ries that'll never be torn Were the holiday nights Of December Nineteen Ninety Nine When I turn the knob of a figurine That plays Silent, Silent Night The music that gave me bliss Is now gone except the memories

Mayon ATV Adventure: A Paradise of Black & Greens!

The occasional drizzles were not a deterrent to our ATV Adventure. Nor was the absence of Mayon a rain on our exhilarating parade. ATV Adventure down the slopes of the volcano where all you can see were the black sands washed from the mountain, lush greenery supported by the fertile volcanic soil, traversed by cool streams every here and there, gave us all the excitement we needed for our Sunday Funday. Of course, the weekend escapade was not enough without sudden side trips decided upon in split seconds. Our adventure was capped by a trek to the lava wall , a zipline ride with the view of the city, a taste of funky dishes for lunchtime, and a reconnaissance of a forgotten but intricate volcanic chapel . In this blog entry, you will discover that there is more to the volcano's perfect symmetry. Even without a sight of it, a trip to Legazpi City and neighboring places is certainly worthwhile... The ATV Adventure! The ATV adventure was fun, fun, fun! We weren't lucky enough to ex