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Message from a Libra Venus

I’ve encountered many beautiful and intelligent women in my life but I didn’t feel any love for them. There was always something lacking.  The joys of conversing with a smart lady often brightens my day but the connection ends as is, and no more. A beautiful lady I could always gaze on like the stars in a moonless night; yet, I couldn’t even begin to talk to her. You are different. There is this something between us that continuously binds us despite us being opposite in so many ways. I can feel in you something I do not feel with others. We always have conversations that lead us to some sensual act, and your beauty is not only for my eyes to see but to touch and feel. I’ve never met anyone like you before. With you I can feel a love that’s not a stagnating constant, but one that moves, that grows branches and twigs, that takes deeper roots, and blooms. But despite this, my feelings for you do not overwhelm me like an intimidating tide that washes me into the tempests of confusion. Yo

A Surprising Turn in the Yuletide Season

          The 2018-19 Holiday Season was particularly amusing for our family.  On Christmas Eve, my sister prepared a cheesecake with fruit medley overlay.  I should mention that she has this special ability in preparing foods.  Christmas 2018. Our family unwrapping the gifts. My sister was holding our pet cat Chloe Ands.           Since childhood, she always had this distinct talent in concocting delicious meals for the family; every dish she completes seems to have an artist’s touch. I still remember the taste of the dishes and foods she prepared as a child – from those simple hotdog-cheese-catsup toasts to angel-hair spaghetti.            She doesn’t disappoint so I was certain that this cheesecake with fruit medley overlay was going to be splendid.  On the midnight of Christmas, the cheesecake was still too soft for consumption so my sister placed it back inside the fridge. Just in time for dinner the following day, the cheesecake had already toughened up i