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Euro Tour | Smorgasbord of Sights!

September 2023.  My birthmonth, my birthyear. I was born a hare, so this year had to be special. Everyone knows of my Euro Trip with my aunt and my sister. But, unlike most people think, the tour was not premeditated. It was a split-second decision. No matter what happens, I will make 2023 a special year. I was born a hare, and this year was the year of the Water Hare. It happens once every twelve years, and the next one will be 2035. I don't think I could wait that long, could I? So when I heard my aunt and my sister talk about a possible Euro Tour on no other month but September - my birthmonth - I immediately asked if I could go with them. "Sure," said my aunt. The rest was history! In this post, I will share some photos of our destinations. As promised, I will make separate entries for each destination on separate articles linked to this article. For now, enjoy the pictures below as much as I enjoyed taking and posting them. 😊 Magnificent Milan 🇮🇹 Venice, the Float