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Sta. Magdalena: A Hidden Paradise!

  You've probably seen white-sand, black-sand, and even pink-sand beaches. But have you seen a beach that transitions to different colors? Source: Ang Bongto ko, Sta. Magdalena FB page The remote coastal town of  Sta. Magdalena, Sorsogon has  so much variety in its hidden beaches and coves. Although neighboring Matnog  is more famous due to its pink-sand beaches and islands, Sta. Magdalena still deserves the moniker  "Hidden Paradise"  for curious reasons. It's not as stunning as the popular pink-sand  Subic Beach  in Matnog but you will be surprised at the many things you'll see there. Source: Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia Sta. Magdalena is located near the southeasternmost end of the long island of Luzon. It is the smallest town of Sorsogon both in land area and population but it is a treasure trove of geologic wonders that abound its coast.  Inside the Residencia Del Hamor , looking over a beach in Sta. Magdalena. Its very name puts a smile on one's face. Asi

The Sparkle Of Your Eyes

The sparkle of your eyes Got me so mesmerized That, with you, I think I will be in paradise I can only imagine What might it be Is it pure bliss --- Or more maybe? The roads' distant miles I will dare to drive The hours spent, I won't mind Just to be by your side When I get there We'll go to the countryside And visit Mercedes' Seven dainty isles The Belle of the Pacific Excites and mystifies My ever curious mind Like the sparkle in your eyes But the best about you Is something even more You have a quaint way Of making a beautiful day There's so much to unravel Behind your nice exterior Can we talk more When we go travel? I haven't shown you This side of mine There's a poet in me When my heart's inspired You're one of the few people Who make my heart write for Not only your eyes' sparkle --- There are many more Won't we start a new chapter? Let's go from here To just about everywhere? Our yacht of dreams must now steer Visit every ocean Ga