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Could A Profound Love, Sad but Meaningful ---

 --- be a better choice than one that's cheery, impeccable but meaningless? Would a love that's always changing, fluidly dependent on mood, and always moving, be better than one that's stable and sustaining? Should I fall for one that promises a better future, places all around the world, and happy, normal family life than one that's truer than true and promises nothing but romance and forever? Is it a better choice to settle with one who elicits strong emotions especially with music and romantic movie scenes than one that exists but that is? One is sad but meaningful and the other is happy but meaningless. Empty but happy. Sad but true. A world all around the world. A world inspired by emotions and creates a world of its own with poems and music. Happy but uninspiring. Sad but profound. A happy life. A romantic life. Whom would I choose? ---- I would choose a love that seems inconspicuous but is real deep within. Something that's not defined by beauty standards cre