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Behind The Vines

This is the second chapter of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  The aromatic vines revealed a secret... "This is a beautiful place..."  Esteban simply could not contain himself. Although he rarely describes objects, places and persons, he was made to say something about the falls and its environs. "It has this calming, serene vibe, apart from it being scenic," he would continue. "And the vines... they seem aromatic... like rose petals even though I don't see any rose around. How they come down from the walls of rock look so gentle and otherworldly. And the climate, hmmmm the climate here is perfect. It's balmy from sunrise to sundown. It's as if one would always be tempted to snooze into siestas lavishly, contentedly... As a person who grew up near the cold Pyrenees mountains, I find this place perfect." Esteban also noticed something about the falls. "I thought there's nothing different or n