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Flashback 2022: Year of Friendships

  Despite being foretold as a tumultuous year with so many ups and downs, 2022 eventually turned out to be a year I gained so many new friends. It is the product of the many lessons I learned since 2018 and thereabouts --- I learned to relax, to be more open-minded, and to be more positive about life. There were many bad things happening everywhere since the start of the decade so 2022 was the year I focused on things I can control and, if the world around me is a travesty, I tried to make my own universe a haven of peace and tranquility. I didn't have to work hard to attain that goal in 2022, which is a year shaped by the lessons of the past five years or so. In this blog entry, I reveal the most memorable events of the past year to look back on. I thank my family and my friends for making it a wonderful year that it has been... 7 January Bonfire with HS Classmates The biggest guffaw of the year happened this night and the person responsible for this is the guy on the picture, a c