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The Hanging Road to Joroan

               Joroan is a village near the northernmost boundary of Albay. Nestled on top of a ridge overlooking Lagonoy Gulf, it is home to the province's patroness, Our Lady of Salvation .       More than its sacrosanct nature, the village is also beautiful in so many ways. Scroll down to see what things you will find along the hanging road  to Joroan... The Small Church with  Yellow-Colored Glasses          The church of Our Lady of Salvation is located in the centre of the village. Adorned with huge pebbles and rocks, it is vivified by yellow-colored glasses... The Church's Grounds          The church's grounds are also nice to see. The exteriors cannot be captured though as it is undergoing renovation.          Makes one wonder how the statue looks after all the candle-holders around it are lit in the late afte