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The Whispers of Angiw-Angiw

  This is the seventh chapter of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  The blowing winds from the ocean enforce the will of the tribal gods... Esteban... Esteban... Somebody was calling the young conquistador but, as he was still staring at the vanishing figure of Kalila, he didn't notice the echoes. Esteban... Esteban... A gentle breeze began to pick up wind, causing the falling leaves to touch different parts of Esteban's body   but the young man was too focused on Kalila to realize another thing was happening within his midst. Esteban... Esteban... A twig broke off of a tree branch. It blew toward Esteban and poked his left shoulder. This got his attention. "I hear the voice of a lady," he said, "but where is she?" It is me... A new friend... "Is someone calling me?" Yes... But you will not see me... "What do you mean? Are you hiding?" No... I am here... Within your midst... "It would be ver


  This is the sixth chapter of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  A flirtatious native made a sultry appearance... They were all satisfied with the food. Barbecoa  wasn't something too special but Felix had a way of doing things that makes every food better. It was not only the ingredients he uses but also the special techniques he does. He doesn't tell anyone however; he was that secretive. As it was then past noon time, everybody was feeling sleepy. One by one, they fell unconscious, sleeping everywhere. On top of the trees' branches. On the table. Down the beach. Into the woods. Nobody else was awake except for one man, Esteban. Yet another thing caught his interests that very moment though. He heard a light voice from somewhere.  "It sounds kind of sweet," he mumbled. He followed the sound. It slowly gets louder and more distinct. "Hmmmmm... I really like it. Who could be singing?" The voice stopped. He look

Feast By The Sea

  This is the fifth chapter of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  The boisterous men indulged in a sumptuous feast... A smoky cooking aroma wafted through the sea air and the twins started paddling their canoe in its direction. Esteban sniffed several times to make sure that the luscious wafts were real.   "Do you guys smell anything?" Esteban asked the twins after making a few sniffs. "You do know we know what that is? Of course, we love food!" the twins roared out their excitement while they were paddling the canoe. "Hmmm... why do you guys seem so excited? It could be from anywhere." Sandro smiled and said, "Buddy, our hungry stomachs have too much intuition. We know exactly who's cooking by just the smell of it, even from miles away..." "We're kind of experts when it comes to these things, you know. Even if we don't see the cook, we know it's him," Barbaro added while smilin