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The 7 Tiers of Escaldera Falls

Busay Falls  in Malilipot, Albay  is a misnomer. After all, busay   already means falls  in the local vernacular. One local who regularly jogs her way to the place castigated me for referring to this magnificent falls as such. "It is not Busay Falls," she would insist. I forgot the name she mentioned as it was spelled differently from how she pronounced it. We have not been seeing each other for a few weeks now and has since stopped communicating so I forgot about it. When my friend and I visited the falls, we were astounded by the many secrets it has kept. Right off the bat, the one thing I was most interested at is its mysterious name. I asked so many locals, from the tourists to the caretakers. Nobody knows. Until finally, one woman remembers. She wrote the name on a tiny piece of tissue paper. Escaldera Falls . Such a beautiful name to such a quaint, mysterious place! The first thing I did after arriving home was to immediately google what that name means. After some time

Rhapsody of Nature

After traveling on high seas, a lost explorer found himself on an island that would be named "land of the howling winds" centuries later. Without recollection on how he drifted away from his friends, he later found out secrets after secrets unfolding...  The Land of the Howling Winds is the moniker for a real island lying next to Pacific Ocean. It has earned this moniker because strong winds and harsh typhoons often batter its coasts. Unbeknownst to many, it is actually a beautiful, biodiverse island of so many rare plant and animal species... Chapter 1: The Druid of Hardin Falls A mysterious old man appears out of nowhere... Chapter 2: Behind The Vines The aromatic vines revealed a secret... Chapter 3: At the End of the Labyrinthine Tunnel The magnificent cave exhibited more than just resplendence, and the end of it dazzled the spectator... Chapter 4: Beneath the Placid Tides The scenic lagoon displayed ephemeral rays of spectacle... Chapter 5: Feast By The Sea The boistero

The Iridescent Well

  This is the eighth chapter of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  The puzzling question was finally answered in a distinctive manner... Suddenly, the winds started to move in a circular motion, carrying the fallen leaves from the ground in what appears to be a little whirlwind. The pollens of intindi  were scattered all over, poking parts of Esteban's body. "Angiw-Angiw? Where are you?" The whirlwind moved slightly to the center of the jungle where more trees abound. Esteban thought that this must be Angiw-Angiw trying to lead him somewhere. He followed the whirlwind as it continued to spread fallen leaves and pollens of intindi  everywhere. Until the whirlwind stopped. Little by little, the leaves and pollens fell. After quite some time, they revealed what appears to be a well. A deafening sound was heard. "It must be from the well," the young man hypothesized. He was very curious; he slowly moved closer to it until h