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The Floating Chapel of St. Padre Pio

Have you ever taken pictures of something that subsequently lost its existence? I did. After knowing its destruction, I experienced some kind of complex feeling, a combination of sadness and relief. I was sad because I will never see it again but, at the same time, I was relieved because I have memorialized its appearance before it was too late. Subsequently, a third emotion, that of gratitude for t he heavens allowed me to capture this beautiful place. I am writing about the St. Padre Pio Chapel of Embarcadero, Legazpi City. This tiny chapel, merely 50 square meters big, had such kind of grandeur that only photographs can describe. It abuts the sea and had huge glasses as its walls, making it appear as though it were floating on the ocean. Its interiors were minimalistic but the colors, and their shade, vivify its simplicity and turn it into something beautiful and interesting. The sea that is just outside contrasts with the mellow col