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The Volcanic Churches of Albay

    Albay’s most famous attraction is the very popular Mt. Mayon. Its perfectly-symmetrical shape, refined by undulating slopes, makes it renowned the world over.      The presence of this enigmatic volcano should make the extra curious ask if there are buildings or structures that reflect the province’s close relation to it. Well, yes, there are.     This article unveils the volcanic churches of Albay, which have one thing in common, setting them apart from the rest: they’re all made of slabs of volcanic debris separated by grids and lines of white.        The blackness of the bricks and the whiteness of the gridlines vividly contrast with the azureness of the sky... All Coastal Towns in Eastern Albay        For some reason, all three volcanic churches are located in the eastern coast of Albay, facing the Pacific Ocean. They are not far apart and may be visited in a matter of one or two hours only . These are Sto. Domingo , closest to the capital Legazp