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The Yellow Moon's Vast Seas

That movie named Casablanca Where romance began and ended But the moments of them together Remind me very much of her Those silly love songs I hear With the silliest lines are so clear They poignantly tell me of her And our days and nights together If only my heart can sing It will sing the sweetest melodies Of our nights overlooking The yellow moon’s vast seas But my cold mind’s resolve Was that she may just be my first Of a long line of ladies Who will quench my heart’s thirst And when the songs and movies end My feeling for her disappears My heart no longer sees My heart no longer hears My mind doesn’t love her at all And my heart’s memory is nil It only sees and only hears But when senses cease, it also will She broke up with me On the 29 th of February The night before, all hours wide I played “When Love and Hate Collide” Why I find such song so pretty I could not stop listening I can feel its sto

A Cacophony of Waves

Photo Credit: Unknown. Taken from In the distant isles named after a king Are tempestuous waves that sing Sounds that are angry, sounds that sting Discordant noises that ring One after another Echoed voices that slur Not waiting for another turn To speak words that burn The invisible bird That has no ear for words And has no care for hurts But slays people on earth In these distant isles, however It mattered so much Or it never mattered at all But it angered the voices so much more than before Attack on persons became common In debates that are never won Both voices believe they’re wise And the other voices spread lies Both tell truth, both tell farce Both blind to the big picture If they only knew, if they only realize That their isles are a paradise To see the point of the other Treat them as a brother Give them respect Regardless o