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Manor of Memories

 I would love to have a home Somewhere along the rolling hills Overlooking the perfect cone And the pretty port of Legazpi Birds and insects regale The plateau with several Of their pulsating madrigals That sound exceptional As one peers over the scenery He'll be blown away by what he sees The azure sky and the cerulean sea Both whisper serenity It will be a Spanish villa With multicolored hues Of Psychedelia Filipina Which enliven the milieu One would often think That this place is amazing With the prairie that was slightly And refinedly undulating The gentle winds From the vast Pacific Perfected by the violins Emit carefree music The pencil pines, The willows and the vines Under the golden sunshine Appear exalted and divine Spanish Villa by Fratantoni Interior Designers. But there inside Was a simple shrine Where images to remember Hang to last forever It was not the beauty Of the manor or the setting That makes the villa a home Instead, the moments to reminisce That emanate blis