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Tinseltown Magic

From nothing, the world conjures A spectacular kind of culture Where streets in towns and cities Are decorated with potpourris Christmas in Bruges, Belgium. Image Source: Pinterest For much of the year The roads and parks are clear But towards the very end Appears a tinsel kind of trend Titillating pieces of music Resonate wafts of magic Giving listeners joy Even the most serious enjoy The scent of the air Used to be so bare Becomes somewhat exciting As we smell food chefs are cooking Cosmopolitan places are abuzz With people busy in shops As they search and scour for items They would love to give as presents Champs-Elysees in December. Image Source: Getty These revelries wouldn't come to existence Without the holidays' very essence Of loving and allowing forgiveness That ultimately bring people happiness We create all of these magic From food to gifts to music To decors from homes to streets All of which are truly fantastic Christmas in Milan. Image Source: Getty We do all the