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To My Doctor Boo

I'd like to express these feelings of mine I believe it's now the proper time You often make me laugh and smile And I guess that's a sign I don't know if I'll let things be But I believe I am now ready From today to infinity I wish it'll be you and me You don't need me to be impressed You are never ever less Whether you wear baggy clothes or dress I like you nevertheless As I write this tonight I will sleep tight Tomorrow I'll see you smile When you read this poem of mine There is so much to unravel I wish to know you well Please, please do tell Everything behind your shell As I end this poem, Doctor Boo There's something you ought to know That I want you and me to grow For I very much love you so ~ Randall Hare , 10:45 pm 20 July 2021

Eternal Flames

  I do not desire nor wish To go down the depths Of the forlorn abyss Where anger is all that’s left   I do not desire nor wish To be cursed forever By those who should reminisce While I’m roasted in ember   I may never be flawless But like anyone else I’d love to live eternally In nothing but lavish glory   But what if I’m not chosen Among the lucky few To set foot on heaven And savour its graces too?   If my last destiny Is that of misery Forever condemned Over and over again   I’d still ask forgiveness For all my sins, decadence And all of my vices Over and over again From today and hereafter I’d humbly acknowledge Everything from my bad to worst Any and all of my errors!   A word of truce I wish this will be To whoever reads this poetry If it’s all needed to be at peace Please, please forgive me

The Polvoron Beaches of Cagraray Island

My first ocular inspection of a client's property has been fascinating. It was a nice, seaside lot facing a beach unique from all others I've been to. Before my short sojourn, all I thought was that it's going to be an ordinary white-sand beach. After all, that's what my client told me so. It wasn't anything like that at all, however. Our tour guide asked me if the place is comparable to Boracay. I bluntly said, " no , but I don't want white-sand beaches anymore as I've been to so many before. This is something else, this is something more special ." If you think there can only be five or so colors of beaches there are in the world, Cagraray Island will prove you wrong. Barangay Mataas, on its southern part, will surprise you by colors you never would expect. Cagraray is an island located on the eastern part of Albay Province. It is connected to the mainland through a bridge that spans across Sula Channel. However, during the voyage, our destinatio

Beneath The Placid Tides

This is the fourth chapter of the historical fantasy entitled " Rhapsody of Nature ." Synopsis:  The scenic lagoon displayed ephemeral rays of spectacle... "I'm so sure it is somewhere here..." Esteban emphasized his certainty but could not believe his eyes. Sandro, the more empathetic twin, tried to pacify the young man. "Don't worry, Esteban. It might just be hunger."  The young man had seen plentiful mysteries in this distant isle. The more the days go by, the more they grow stranger. "It really has been a strange year. Confusing. Perplexing. And I think I'm having a delirium." "It's indeed hunger, amigo," laughs Barbaro, the more cheerful twin. The twins were identical in so many ways but they consider the few minutes they were born apart as the cause for their slight differences. "It might be," agrees Sandro.  "Where are all the others?" the third twin asked in wonder. The pair echoed the same a