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2019: A Year of Joys

9 has always been one of my favorite numbers because my childhood years run through the 1990s.  Incidentally, the most recent year of 2019 has been splendid to me, making 9 even more awesome.  I think that 2019 was even the best, and it will be difficult for other years to top it off.  For keepsake purposes, I will share with you the best moments of my 2019... January 1 | Our Mum's Big Surprise Our mum presenting 2019's Media Noche. My mum gave us a big surprise on NYE. It was so funny that I posted a blog entry about it on the very same day. March 9 | Wedding By the Sea My cousin and her husband kissing their baby Izzy on their wedding day. My cousin and her fiance got married on the beautiful island of Boracay. Set against the backdrop of azure seas, and skies that transitioned from blue to lavender, it was certainly a perfect wedding... But that day was not only meant for the culmination of a budding romance, it was also a time for celebrating wi

A Different Kind of Christmas Carol

In the peninsular region of Bicol, there exists an unusual way of doing the Christmas Carols.  While most caroling traditions involve no more than singing, Bicolanos serenade and dance their neighborhoods in colourful shepherd clothes. This contingent from Sto. Domingo, Albay displayed colorful floral attires and ornaments. This unique tradition known as Pastores A Belen  has been existing since the late 1800s and was passed on from generation to generation. Its English translation is " Shepherds to Bethlehem " and it is also known as Pastores Bicol .  A brief moment of silence in the middle of the merriment. Pastores , however, has lost its original purpose. It is no longer used for caroling as present-day Bicol natives carol in the same way as other Filipinos do. Graceful dancing enhanced by fancy dresses. Notwithstanding, the Province of Albay is keeping this tradition alive by hosting competitions for children where the best conting