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Musical Time Travel: Electrifying Eighties!

I grew up with a strong distaste towards the 1980s because, in my childhood days of the 1990s, the trends of that decade were then seen as kitschy and no longer modern, contemporary or trendy. However, this has changed over the last few years in a dramatic fashion. In 2017, I was an avid listener of a radio station that features songs released before my birth, mostly from the ‘80s.  One day, they played Mike Francis’ “Let Me In.” The song, to my mind, had this dynamism that doesn’t grow old. It always feels “fresh” to me. As the radio station played other songs, I became more and more acquainted with the music of that decade. My distaste was soon saturated into "ambivalence" and, in a shocking turn of events, was converted into “fondness”! In this article, a song for each year of the 1980s is featured where I picked the best ones in my humble opinion. Some years were very hard, and, without being biased, I honestly think my birthyear was one of them. 1980