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The Geneticist

  Rita Hayworth in the movie "Gilda." It was a cold but sunny afternoon in the middle of Autumn, 1946. He had just seen the movie “Gilda” starring the famed actress, Rita Hayworth. Just like any fine gentleman of those days, he admire the renowned actress.   Walking down the cobblestones of an alley, he saw rubbles and dust blown by the wind. The war had just ended, and it was a small city in Austria.   He spoke in German, “where is the city’s main library?”   The random stranger seemed perplexed, for the city does not often get many tourists. Apparently, the local – a young teenager – couldn’t believe that someone does not know his way to one of the most visited places in town.   Directions were given nevertheless, so the visitor went off.   The way to the library, as well as the library itself, was still in chaos. The small city has not recovered from the war. Rubbles, stones, dust all over, everywhere, but the fine gentleman from somewhere else was unperturbed. After all,

Timeless Casanova

  Different Times. Different Affairs. A woman met a stranger who gave her the most satisfying night of her life. Unfortunately, the gentleman left her, leaving no detail about his identity. The urge was too irresistible so she pursued him, but what she didn’t know shocked her — the man was actually a jet-setting spy. The chase led her from one country to another on what was going to be an endless hot pursuit through World History… Chapter I. The Geneticist Chapter II. A Usual December Morning