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An Unusual Sunset On An Unusual Day

February 29 does not always appear in the calendar and for that reason alone it is special. Call it luck or coincidence, two other matters made yesterday extraordinary.  For the rest of the world, it was the usual February 29 but for the locals of Albay province and its sojourning tourists, it was more than that. The clouds revealed the elusive volcano and they also deemed it proper to reflect the redness of the setting sun. I was at the porch looking over the tranquil views, waiting for the dimming of February's last day.  The cool winds of amihan blew through me as the warmth of the forthcoming summer lingers around. The perfect balmy weather made the moment even more beautiful... Stunning shots were also taken by others elsewhere. Here's a shot taken by Roy Dimaculangan somewhere south of Legazpi overlooking the small city... On the seaside boulevard of the same city was an even more spectacular view