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This is the first chapter of the futuristic novel entitled " Da Vinci Ideas "...   It was a sunny morning in mid September 2117 when Johnny Edwards, a litigation lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts drove his way to a client's house. His vehicle was a simple 2-seat space car that floats in the air effortlessly. It does not need fossil fuel nor electricity. Thus, it was environment-friendly and needs no charging. It was simply powered by sunlight, heat, and carbon dioxide. Yes, in the process of driving it, the car itself reduces carbon footprint. It was not easy to find the home of Dr. Michaelson, Atty. Edwards' client, for it was in the middle of rows and rows of mansions along 64th street. But with the help of 22nd-Century GPS, Atty Edwards was able to reach the address in an hour. "Whew, that wasn't so easy." An hour of driving was already long by that time's standard. He hopped off the car and stepped on a small colored block with an area of about 5

A Mirthful Dream

My grandmother, Nelly Venus Mapusao . Photo taken, June 5, 1996. It was early morning When so suddenly I woke up dreaming A peculiar melody A music I've never heard Since the time of my birth Certainly something new But rings in my heart so true Without hesitation Without perspiration Only inspiration I wrote my first creation She was a dear friend I consider heaven-sent So cute and so funny She always makes me happy We both love fluffy cats On a random day, she sat Beside me, she drew A hilarious cartoon Where she talked to me In a crowded room randomly Her use of speech bubbles I find quirky and adorable That and the many other things About her I find fascinating And so came the melody Out to life so suddenly From a dream into reality The very first for me But the only one of its kind Of all and all of time Something else happened I vividly remember when A few more months later Made it even better I saw my grandmother Asking me to sing it for her I sang the best I can In our comf

2021 ~ Year of Unexpected Adventures

  The pandemic ravaged the world all throughout 2021 causing so many restrictions and limitations. Ironically, these difficulties made me experience several unexpected adventures last year. I simply learned to enjoy life as it lasts. While the year was especially challenging for everyone, it wasn't exactly all bad. I guess, we needed to learn some simple life lessons after all. 2021 was the year I developed the ability to relax despite adversities. It was the year I learned to believe, trust and surrender everything to God, to strategize when bad things happen, to forgive myself, and to have plan Bs and Cs... Early January Quarantine Music Class At the very start of the year, I immediately felt the effects of the pandemic on a deeper, personal level. I had colds and coughs that wouldn't go away. And so, as per doctor's advice, I had to quarantine myself. Thankfully, the RT-PCR test yielded negative results, but it came out after a week has already passed. So, for the first