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Rhapsody of Nature

After traveling on high seas, a lost explorer found himself on an island that would be named "land of the howling winds" centuries later. Without recollection on how he drifted away from his friends, he later found out secrets after secrets unfolding...  The Land of the Howling Winds is the moniker for a real island lying next to Pacific Ocean. It has earned this moniker because strong winds and harsh typhoons often batter its coasts. Unbeknownst to many, it is actually a beautiful, biodiverse island of so many rare plant and animal species... Chapter 1: The Druid of Hardin Falls A mysterious old man appears out of nowhere... Chapter 2: Behind The Vines The aromatic vines revealed a secret... Chapter 3: At the End of the Labyrinthine Tunnel The magnificent cave exhibited more than just resplendence, and the end of it dazzled the spectator... Chapter 4: Beneath the Placid Tides The scenic lagoon displayed ephemeral rays of spectacle... Chapter 5: Feast By The Sea The boistero

Romantic Beige Sand Beaches Near Mayon Volcano

  We were entranced... We sailed the eastern seas off the coast of Albay Province for our weekend getaway. Every time we see a beige sand beach common in the area, the enigmatic Mayon Volcano peers over the scenery. There were many of these beaches, appearing every once in a while, with the dazzling volcano in each and every view. I will never forget this past weekend for each turn had a magnificent scene looming in the horizon --- from isle to isle, from coast to coast, from beach to beach! Tambilagao Port Tambilagao Port We drove from our hometown Daraga, Albay setting off to our main destination, Namanday Island Resort . After making our way to Cagraray Island via Sula Bridge, I felt as though we already left the country. I've never been outside Luzon Island since before the pandemic so leaving Luzon already feels like traveling abroad. On Cagraray Island, we saw magnificent views of the many islands dotting the eastern seas of Albay, but it was the Tambilagao Port where the get