A Surprising Turn in the Yuletide Season

          The 2018-19 Holiday Season was particularly amusing for our family. On Christmas Eve, my sister prepared a cheesecake with fruit medley overlay. I should mention that she has this special ability in preparing foods. 

Christmas 2018. Our family unwrapping the gifts. My sister was holding our pet cat Chloe Ands.

          Since childhood, she always had this distinct talent in concocting delicious meals for the family; every dish she completes seems to have an artist’s touch. I still remember the taste of the dishes and foods she prepared as a child – from those simple hotdog-cheese-catsup toasts to angel-hair spaghetti.

           She doesn’t disappoint so I was certain that this cheesecake with fruit medley overlay was going to be splendid. On the midnight of Christmas, the cheesecake was still too soft for consumption so my sister placed it back inside the fridge. Just in time for dinner the following day, the cheesecake had already toughened up in exactly the way my sister wanted it to be.

            When I took spoonfuls of the cheesecake, I was delighted. It was unexpectedly salty… which surprisingly blended well with the juicy and sweet fruits on top… blue berries, strawberries, cherries, peaches… Yummmmm…

My sister's special Christmas cheesecake.

       We didn’t know that our mother was concocting some plans for the next special day, which had to be New Year's Day. She gave us the special instruction to wear red for the media noche, saying that it will be the lucky color for 2019.

         15 minutes before midnight, I came downstairs and saw all of the first floor of our house in glaring red. My mother, my father and my brother were all wearing red. A few ornaments were in red. The foods on the table were also red – the ham, the cake (which was red velvet), and all else.

Our 2019 Media Noche

             A few minutes after the clock ticked 12, we began savoring the dishes. At the moment I was trying the macaroni soup, I went mmmmmm… Then the ham was taken in after and it was, again, mmmmm… The red velvet cake came in next and, again, it was mmmmmmm…

Our mother looking happy and excited...

All in red. My sister was missing because she was on-duty as an Ob-Gyne resident.

             Then I tried the refrigerator cake… and it was mmmmmmm… To cap things off, I had to gulp a glass of Languedoc wine, relaxing the mood even further… All these happening amidst a variety of fireworks being heard from the outside, which seemed mellifluous to our ears.

             And then my mum asked, “so who did better, your sister or I?”

            I suddenly realized that my mum was being competitive all along but in such a sweet, endearing and amusing manner... I should therefore conclude that, while my sister is very funny and a good cook, my mother, on the other hand, is mildly funny, very malambing… and oh, an impressive cook too – that should not be missed!


  1. The best thing about Media Noche is being able to be with your family and ofcourse, food ❤️

  2. The idea of giving and sharing without expecting something in return was a beaut. Yuletide season is indeed a time well-spent for family.

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  4. The Yuletide Season gives my family the opportunity to celebrate together. I too, have a sister who has a talent for cooking and her special chicken wings lets us experience the heavenly combination of food and family.

  5. Yuletide season is the time of the year that I always look forward to. Aside from the 3-4 weeks break from school, it is the time where people give and share without expecting something in return. More importantly, a happy family gathered around the table indulging appetizing meals prepared by all of us.

    1. Prepared by all of you? Wow that’s so nice! :)


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