2019: A Year of Joys

9 has always been one of my favorite numbers because my childhood years run through the 1990s. 

Incidentally, the most recent year of 2019 has been splendid to me, making 9 even more awesome. I think that 2019 was even the best, and it will be difficult for other years to top it off. 

For keepsake purposes, I will share with you the best moments of my 2019...

January 1 | Our Mum's Big Surprise

Our mum presenting 2019's Media Noche.

My mum gave us a big surprise on NYE. It was so funny that I posted a blog entry about it on the very same day.

March 9 | Wedding By the Sea

My cousin and her husband kissing their baby Izzy on their wedding day.

My cousin and her fiance got married on the beautiful island of Boracay. Set against the backdrop of azure seas, and skies that transitioned from blue to lavender, it was certainly a perfect wedding...

But that day was not only meant for the culmination of a budding romance, it was also a time for celebrating with relatives and meeting new friends who were incidentally hilarious!

Barbara, the groom's mum, was a very funny lady.

Their first dance as a couple.

With my little cousins, Ate Mabel's daughters.

With Ate Mabel and Tito Pepe.

The partying after the wedding was a blast!

Did my little cousin fix her aunt's dress?

Scotty Hooper was one of the funny fellows we met on that wedding but it might be his ginger locks!

Of course, the views in Boracay Island were stunning --- they were painted by the gods of nature!

Late March | Odyssey to El Nido

Just a few weeks after the Boracay Wedding, my siblings and I went on an odyssey to the various islands and beaches of El Nido.

We've seen the diamond beaches, sapphire and emerald waters, and silvery limestone cliffs.

The splendid view from Matinloc Island.

El Nido's Nightlife

The pretty port of El Nido.

The pulchritudinous Matinloc Shrine.

A relaxing moment for my sister.

The emerald waters of Small Lagoon.

March 31 | Last Day as Professorial Lecturer in Bicol University

BSA I-A, one of the three blocks I taught. I guess they enjoyed my class, I think!

I had fun teaching at my alma mater but the best thing about it was that all my 150 students passed the subject despite my high standards and the time constraints. :)

Mid-April | Quitinday Underground River

We did a short trip to the underground river of Jovellar, Albay. It was a bit dangerous but fun!

The underground river had some waterfalls, setting it apart from the others.

My sister enjoying the dripping waters of the cave.

More than five feet below the ground.

A dip on one of its pools.

The cave's slippery slopes were a little dangerous!

Refreshing waters gushing through.

April 26 | Our Cat's First Litter

They looked like mice | Chloe's kittens clinging on her tail

Chloe, our cat, gave birth to her first two offsprings on this day.

May 2 | My Mum's Retirement Party

A bouquet of flowers and a kiss from my father.

My mum turned 65 this year so she retired from government service after serving for a total of 38 years as the head of Legazpi City's Veterinary Office.

July 6 | Induction of IBP Officers

Induction of IBP Officers and Directors at the Oriental Legazpi.
Photo grabbed from IBP Albay President, Atty. Steve Resari.

I never expected this coming but I was elected as a director of IBP Albay earlier in February. By July, we were inducted as officers and directors. I have gone very far from the reluctant law student that I was ten years ago.

September 19 | An Unusual Birthday Greeting

Another surprise of the year happened on my 32nd birthday. My long-time friend from law school, Morris, surprised me with a few drinks on the eve of my birthday.

With Morris at Terminal 2.

Morris came all the way from Manila, which is 500 kilometers afar. He had with him another friend, Raffy, also a lawyer and a graduate of Ateneo Law.

He jokingly said, "I came here just to greet you a happy birthday!" and then gave me a toast. This guy never loses his sense of humor!

September 21 | Super Mario Party Game

I played Boo and won first place. 

My siblings and I played Super Mario Party Game on my brother's Nintendo Switch... but since that game requires four players, I asked if our maid Regielyn can play with us. Everybody agreed.

Regielyn also won a few weeks later.

Regielyn is the type of person who will always make you laugh, smile, and have fun with, regardless of the mundanity of the moment. She's always a joy to be with and makes everything funny but candid. :)

Mid-October | A Tour to Albay's Volcanic Churches

The Tabaco Church, one of the volcanic churches of Albay.

I needed a leave from work so I took a rest for one week. In the middle of that brief staycation, I toured the volcanic churches of Albay.

The Tabaco Church's elaborate interiors.
The white coat makes a beautiful contrast to the black volcanic bricks.

The dramatic appeal of Sto. Domingo Church's twin belfries.

After the short tour, I had a sumptuous meal of chicken cilantro and iced chocolate at Tyler's Boulangerie, leaving me very much satisfied.

The gastronomic chicken cilantro.

Tyler's Boulangerie is located on the ground floor of an old Spanish house.

October 31 | Halloween Party at Eruption

My brother and I attended the Halloween Party of Eruption. The night erupted with music, dancing, and booze.

Very Vulcan | My brother imitates Spock of Star Trek.

Seven seconds of spook.

The Halloween costumes and the creepy acting of the participants made the night spooky but entertaining!

With Allison and her friend. Allison is the governor's daughter.

This was his cover photo for a long time.

November 22 | Our Cat's Second Litter

My sister playing with the newborn kittens.

Not long after giving birth to her first litter, Chloe gave birth to her second batch, this time, a litter of four kittens!

December 2 | A Ukulele to Calm the Storm

Typhoon Tisoy wrecked havoc on Bicol Region that night, but it did not take away our spirits. When the angry winds were swaying the trees and the electric posts outside, my sister played her ukulele.

The mellowed candles and the pleasing music made the night bearable and somewhat indelible. Moments like this makes you cherish the comforts of your home.

December 19 | The Vivid Pastores Bicol

The Pastores' lively dancing.

I chanced upon the annual event of Pastores Bicol at Peñaranda Park, Legazpi City. It was my first time to see this age-old tradition. I am amazed by its vividity, liveliness and dynamism.

December 31 | The Last Flex of the Decade

To greet everyone a Happy New Year, I did a playful flex beside our Christmas Tree. A total of 82 people reacted to my silly post.

2019 has been a wonderful year. I will remember the joys it brought with it. There have been a lot more blissful moments but I need to choose only few --- those that, I think, will interest the readers. 

Notwithstanding, I was blessed with loving family and relatives, and funny friends, all of whom I am very thankful for.

Happy New Year!


  1. i enyoyed reading and looking at the pictures. the videos were not available for me. reading more about the popular posts was blocked.more failure on my side, i think. keep up with the extraordinary experiences, which you describe vividly. thanks for letting me enter your private colorful world!

  2. Hey! Thank you so much for the praises! I'm sorry for replying this late; I was kinda busy the past few weeks. You forgot to give your name but I think I know who's behind the "unknown account" hehehehe


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