The Hanging Road to Joroan


      Joroan is a village near the northernmost boundary of Albay. Nestled on top of a ridge overlooking Lagonoy Gulf, it is home to the province's patroness, Our Lady of Salvation

     More than its sacrosanct nature, the village is also beautiful in so many ways. Scroll down to see what things you will find along the hanging road to Joroan...

The Small Church with 
Yellow-Colored Glasses

         The church of Our Lady of Salvation is located in the centre of the village. Adorned with huge pebbles and rocks, it is vivified by yellow-colored glasses...

The Church's Grounds

         The church's grounds are also nice to see. The exteriors cannot be captured though as it is undergoing renovation.

         Makes one wonder how the statue looks after all the candle-holders around it are lit in the late afternoon or early evening...

         Are they going to destroy these beautiful structures? They look charming! They better keep them that way and transfer somewhere else instead...

Pebbles Everywhere

        The road going to Joroan is treacherous. You will come across so many twists and turns in this winding road. But as you look around, you will see so many pebbles --- of varying colours --- displayed on both sides of the highway.

          Some of them can be seen while looking over the sea, giving you spectacular views...

        This woman told us that these lavender pebbles came all the way from Caramoan, Camarines Sur, which is only an hour away from here. Caramoan is so far that it is about 6 hours from Naga City, Camarines Sur, and so much farther from Legazpi City, Albay.

       But from here, it is only one hour away.



Balikbayan Beach Resort

          A refreshing and cool spring flows down from Joroan too. In nearby Bariis, a beach resort blessed with spring water naturally flowing downstream is found here. I would say that this is the best spring resort in all of Albay. It's so cool, refreshing and relaxing, you would want to stay there for good.

       The resort also has nice views of the beach and the sea...




The Food

      We've had a sumptuous lunch at the resort. Their dishes were done nice and well; the ingredients were fresh as can be. Ironically, I forgot to take pictures of the most savory dish we've eaten there, the chopsuey, which was relished generously with butter...

      That caps our nice trip to Joroan. We enjoyed Father's Day this year very much!


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