This is the sixth chapter of the historical fantasy entitled "Rhapsody of Nature."

Synopsis: A flirtatious native made a sultry appearance...

They were all satisfied with the food. Barbecoa wasn't something too special but Felix had a way of doing things that makes every food better. It was not only the ingredients he uses but also the special techniques he does. He doesn't tell anyone however; he was that secretive.

As it was then past noon time, everybody was feeling sleepy. One by one, they fell unconscious, sleeping everywhere. On top of the trees' branches. On the table. Down the beach. Into the woods. Nobody else was awake except for one man, Esteban.

Yet another thing caught his interests that very moment though. He heard a light voice from somewhere. 

"It sounds kind of sweet," he mumbled.

He followed the sound. It slowly gets louder and more distinct. "Hmmmmm... I really like it. Who could be singing?"

The voice stopped. He looked around, and saw someone peeking out of the woods.

He moved closer to the undefined person, who then walked out of the cover and revealed herself.

She was a slender woman with bronze skin, long legs, wide hips, and long, wavy but smooth hair.

As he thought the girl must be native, Esteban tried to use his hands to communicate with her. Before she started speaking however,  she drew yellow pollens from the vines creeping from the tree.

She placed the pollens near her mouth and blew. The breeze scattered all the pollens into the area.

She then spoke, "with these pollens, you can understand my Bicol as though I'm speaking Basque."

"Well, that's amazing. I do understand you even though I'm not from here."

The girl nodded her head and smiled.

"What is your name?" Esteban asked.

"My name is Kalila. I'm from here. I suppose you want to know the name of the pollens I scattered?"

"I do."

"It's the Pollen of Intindi. It's magical. Its purpose is to make everyone understand everyone despite the difference in language. Hmmmm... what is your name? Are you one of the strangers who recently set foot on this jungle?"

"My name is Esteban. Yes, I was one of them. We were from the kingdom of Spain, if you know what that is."

"Don't bother. The Pollen of Intindi makes everyone understand everything, even the future..."

"Oh, then I suppose you know what would happen to me?"

"No, not really. The Pollen of Intindi doesn't make everyone know the future, but it does make everyone knowledgeable of all terms even though the things they refer to do not exist yet..."

Esteban stared at Kalila. There was something about Kalila that seemed special. "I have never seen anyone like you before..."

She smiled but turned bashful. "Likewise, I have never seen anyone like you who is so... Never mind." Kalila didn't finish but she giggled upon saying this. She looked away to cover her facial expression.

The smile of Kalila doesn't have to be verbally expressed. Esteban knew what that means.

"I have never believed in love at first sight," Esteban uttered.

Kalila looked back on Esteban, drew his auburn hair and said, "Neither do I." But she was smiling and blushing while saying this.

Kalila's hair had some kind of scent, which filled the air and attracted Esteban's nostrils.

Esteban moved and smelled it up close.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, you just smell so good. Sure, I'd stop."

But Kalila actually liked it so she rebuked him, saying, "don't worry. You may go on. I like it when a man smells my hair. Especially if he's someone like you." Upon saying this, she again blushed, turned away but let her back pressed against Esteban.

Her scent was so irresistible so eventually, Esteban opened his arms and embraced her. As he does this, he smelled Kalila's neck and gave her his first kiss.

Love was obviously in the air. Their feelings reverberated into the surrounding environs. Leaves rustled. Birds cooed. Kalila's scent overflowed.

Kalila liked it very much but, without any apparent reason, she took off Esteban's arms, moved away and said, "my mother will not like this."

"Why?" Esteban asked.

"Mama said that women should be warriors. She trained us to fight, to use weapons. She made us master the techniques of self-defense. She even told us to drive away invaders... even if that invader is, you know, as handsome as you." As Kalila says this, her eyes flipped beautifully and, again, turned bashful.

"But how can I ever do that? You looked just too nice"

"What did you tell her? I suppose you have a mind of your own?"

"Good question. I told her, 'Mama, aren't we supposed to love everyone?' "

That made Esteban laugh. He had never heard anyone as witty as her before.

The pleasant moment had to end though. "I like you very much, Esteban, and I want to get to know you more, but I have to leave, mama is going to kill me."

"This early?"

"Yes, I have what would be known as 'Cinderella Syndrome.' "

"What is that?" Esteban asked. At this moment, the effects of the pollens were waning down.

"You know, it's when a girl has to leave because of time constraints whatsoever. Don't worry, it's not as bad as 'Casablanca Syndrome.' "

"Casablanca Syndrome?"

"Yes. That is when someone says she loves you but cannot see you anymore, and tells you, you must not know why..."

"Oh." Esteban was perplexed.

"Do not worry, Esteban. I have no Casablanca Syndrome, I only have Cinderella Syndrome so I can still meet you, but I have to go. Mama is going to kill me!"

Immediately, Kalila runs away.

To be continued...


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