Flashback 2022: Year of Friendships


Despite being foretold as a tumultuous year with so many ups and downs, 2022 eventually turned out to be a year I gained so many new friends. It is the product of the many lessons I learned since 2018 and thereabouts --- I learned to relax, to be more open-minded, and to be more positive about life.

There were many bad things happening everywhere since the start of the decade so 2022 was the year I focused on things I can control and, if the world around me is a travesty, I tried to make my own universe a haven of peace and tranquility. I didn't have to work hard to attain that goal in 2022, which is a year shaped by the lessons of the past five years or so.

In this blog entry, I reveal the most memorable events of the past year to look back on. I thank my family and my friends for making it a wonderful year that it has been...

7 January
Bonfire with HS Classmates

The biggest guffaw of the year happened this night and the person responsible for this is the guy on the picture, a cousin of my HS classmate. Only my HS classmates know what happened on that night, which was essentially an anecdote to retell and retell and retell every time there is a HS reunion.

That night was hilarious. I laugh every time I remember.

22 February

Twosday Dinner

2.22.22 was the so-called "Twosday" that incidentally took place on the "second" day of the workweek, "Tuesday."

On this day, I had dinner with "two" engineers from the Provincial Planning & Development Office of Albay, Engr. Macario Pavia, the Planning Head, and Engr. Arnold Onrubia. 

I discussed to them that the poorest towns in the province of Albay are also the least accessible so any form of provincial development must be focused on these outlying towns.

26 March
Lazy Summer Afternoon with Albay Yacht Club

Ate Therese & Erden Eruc.

Erden Eruc, a prolific holder of so many Guinness World records took a stop-over in Legazpi City, after endless days and nights of paddling the entire Pacific Ocean. He was the first person to circumnavigate the world through mere human power.

On this day, he ate lunch with Albay Yacht Club at Legazpi Oceanfront Hostel overlooking Poliqui Bay and Mayon Volcano. Afterwards was a lazy summer afternoon of funny conversations with newfound friends. :)

Holding Angell's Special Mazapan de Pili with Mayon Volcano in the background.

Erden Eruc fell in love with Angell's Special Mazapan de Pili :)

Ate Therese enjoying a glass of wine

Nice weather perfected by a glass of wine...

With John Gouchener, the owner of Legazpi Oceanfront Hostel and
Vice Commodore of Albay Yacht Club.

3 April
Dinner with Erden

Erden signed my calendar. :)

We had dinner at Ate Therese' house in Renaissance Gardens. Erden Eruc was with us. He signed my calendar. It was a great time. :)

15 May
Denley's Birthday

Denley, another new friend, celebrated his 40th natal day today. He is currently the Senior Vice President at Citibank and is also the president of Mayon Toastmaster's. He's a funny guy and we have many similar interests. He's good at so many things. A Renaissance Man all in all.

28 May
Apad Beach Clean-Up with Albay Yacht Club

From Left to Right: Girlie Raneses-Vermillion, myself, Therese Lumbao Lapointe, Veronica Imperial, Comm. Gregorio Fernand Imperial and their daughter, Rocio.

We had a tiring but fruitful day today as we had a clean-up drive at Apad Beach, Legazpi City. So many trash in the area but after the activity, the beach looked like above. Congratulations to Albay Yacht Club Commodore, Gregorio Fernand Imperial, for the seamless management of the event. :)

29 May
First-Time Sailing

It was my first time to go sailing today and I had so much fun! Thank you so much to Puro Sailor, James Balderrama, and of course, to Albay Yacht Club for the free sailing session!

Early June
Manila Excursion & Copyright Registration

Mabelle Moreno, a model, Tita Girlie, and myself, on the same flight together without even planning a bit. What a serendipity!

Flew to Manila in Early June in what was my first plane flight since 2019. I had fun with my short excursion, which I did for the copyright registration of my first novel. :)

King, the funny bunso of my cousin and his wife, Drs. Rayner and Vienna Baloloy. :)

With my college friends :)

Vel, a friend from law school!

I stayed at the joint of a friend, Rancho Arcilla, the administrator of Intramuros!

Pomelo, Rancho's hamster. Too bad, he died few weeks later. :(

With my little cousins :)

Nikki, drawing stuff. She has imaginative mind!

Jaymie, the second daughter

Arvie, the eldest. :)

25 June
Concoction Perfected!

Ate Therese loves the "tangy" flavor of my secret concoction!

After several experiments, I finally perfected a concoction today! It's still a secret now as I'm planning to have it patented any time soon. My concoction is organic and purely natural (no salt or sugar added) but it is, as what Ate Therese said, "tangy"! I seriously had to look up what that means. :P

My mum loves not only its flavor but also its presentation...

2 July

Odyssey of Beige Sand Beaches

It was Mama Jane's birthday so we went on an out-of-town excursion on a nearby group of islands. We saw beautiful beige-sand beaches with the backdrop of Mayon Volcano! We were entranced by the many magnificent views of the small archipelago!

17 July

Astral Twin's Art Exhibit

Visited my astral twin's art exhibit today, which was dedicated to animals. Proud of you, Reg!

4 September

Lazy Afternoon with Friends

It was a nice, sunny afternoon with friends at Sumlang Lake as we ate sumptuous dishes at Socorro's!

11 September
Double Birthday Bash

My sister and I celebrated our birthday with family on this day at Cafe Alfonso in Pepperland Hotel. :)

1 October
Mayon Toastmaster's Anniversary Celebration

I was invited to the 7th Anniversary celebration of Mayon Toastmaster's today even though I was not yet a member myself. Thank you, President Denley Cyder Mirabueno!

18 October
Soulful Odyssey 2023 Launch

Soulful Odyssey 2023 was launched today, months ahead of the NYE. It's a calendar styled as a leisure magazine, featuring a different theme each passing year. For 2023, it features some of the most unique endangered species of the world as ranked by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

30 October
Halloween Party @ Ate Therese' Residence

We had fun during this year's Halloween Party at Ate Therese' Residence. But before that, I had trouble coming up with a costume. Thankfully, a simple fedora hat fixed the problem: I was a mafia gangster!

Tita Nelldia is "white lady"

Alexa Jessup, a.k.a., "Donya," is "Cleopatra."

19 November
HS Reunion

High School never ends! And that funny anecdote of January 7th was one of the major topics of this reunion. It was that hilarious! Special thanks to Spouses Engr. Arnold and Dr. Emy Delos Santos for the sumptuous lunch!

8 December
Teacher from Childhood

Ma'm Amelia Lirio Lotivio at her beautiful home...

Boy, am I glad I made a visit to my English tutor back in the Summer of 1996. Hers was a beautiful home with a beautiful ambience and a beautiful, panoramic view of Daraga Church and Mayon Volcano. I was surprised when I found out how nice her home was. 

Flashback, I had a dream months earlier where she appeared. After waking up, I wondered, "oh where was that teacher of mine who inspired me to study hard?" Weeks later, she appeared at our law office, smiling at me. Instantly, I recognized her!

I decided to visit her one day to feel the vibe of her house once more. She moved places and before I set foot at her new house, I still had apprehensions that she might be the wrong person, but when I entered her homey place, I felt the very same vibe of her old home back in 1996! It was a different home but the very similar vibe so it was definitely her! :)

16 December
Pastores A Belen!

Today, I watched Pastores A Belen at SM City Legazpi. Pastores A Belen means "shepherds to Bethlehem." It is a dying tradition dating back to the late 1800s where carolers dress up in shepherd clothes to sing a traditional Christmas Carol.

23 December

Mayon Toastmaster's Christmas Dinner

I officially joined Mayon Toastmasters today during the Christmas Dinner at Atty. Alan Badiola's home. I was telling them, "this year, I met so many new friends, and now, I'm meeting many more." They all laughed.

They are a new family, and I'm happy and thankful for the privilege of being invited to join the club. I'm looking forward to seeing them again and learning new things from them. :) Special thanks to my good friend, President Denley Cyder Mirabueno, for inviting me to the club. :)

25 December

Christmas Day Celebration @ Rosana Malle Bell's Residence

The picture above shows different items on a marble table. It was shot at Rosana Malle Bell's house in Rawis, Legazpi City. It was part of a game where people would push a toilet paper. The player must take the item at the point where the toilet paper stops. Towards the end of the table, two 500-peso bills are placed but if the toilet paper drops beyond the table, the player gets nothing. Well, I didn't get anything so guess what happened. Lol.

I didn't take pictures of the event. I just enjoyed the entire time. But I do regret not taking more pictures as I should. Lol.

31 December

Decors to Usher in the Year of the Water Rabbit

The picture shows a bright pink rabbit stuff toy. 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit and the lucky color would be magenta. The house turned pink by 2023, ushering a new era of so much optimism and hope. Rabbit is the sign of peace, prosperity and longevity, after all...

2022 in a Nutshell

I would remember 2022 as the year I fixed my insomnia. After five years of trying, I'm finally successful. This alone makes 2022 a really good year. Now that 2023 comes in, I can finally focus on my dreams and aspirations but I'll take in mind Fr. Jerry Orbos' advice --- (1) give your Heart to God, (2) Help other people, and (3) give yourself Health of body, mind, and soul. I look forward to 2023 with much optimism and hope!


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