An Irony of Surprises

When asked who I am, I can't quite say for I myself could not figure out who myself was.

For instance, I don't like reading but I write.

I don't understand poems but I write poetry.

I can't sing - according to my mom - but I compose songs.

I was called an 'Einstein' in high school, but, instead of taking up science courses, I ended up a lawyer.

I would love to bike or swim, but instead I work out at the gym.

I memorized all the states of the US - including New Mexico - but I've never been to any one of them.

I know Faroe Islands, the Seychelles, Gdansk, Cancun, Seville, and so many other places on earth --- but I've never traveled outside the country.

I can draw the entire map of Mindanao, but I've never even been there.

I know so much about history, but I lack depth and understanding in politics.

I consider myself a frustrated economist --- but all I have is a savings account.

I love dancing but I don't have the sense of rhythm.

I can describe the littlest details of a food and its ingredients, but I don't know how to cook.

I am extremely lazy but I work hard for my goals.

I despise soap opera but I love watching MMK.

Everything I write here might be true for the moment but, in the future, I might become the opposite...


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