A Cacophony of Waves

Photo Credit: Unknown. Taken from wallpaperstock.net.

In the distant isles named after a king
Are tempestuous waves that sing
Sounds that are angry, sounds that sting
Discordant noises that ring

One after another
Echoed voices that slur
Not waiting for another turn
To speak words that burn

The invisible bird
That has no ear for words
And has no care for hurts
But slays people on earth

In these distant isles, however
It mattered so much
Or it never mattered at all
But it angered the voices so much more than before

Attack on persons became common
In debates that are never won
Both voices believe they’re wise
And the other voices spread lies

Both tell truth, both tell farce
Both blind to the big picture
If they only knew, if they only realize
That their isles are a paradise

To see the point of the other
Treat them as a brother
Give them respect
Regardless of the speck

High hopes that they’ll see
The other's good quality
The beauty of unity
The welfare of their country

So that some day
The angry waves will be
Though used to be so dissonant
Unite in harmony


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