The Yellow Moon's Vast Seas

That movie named Casablanca
Where romance began and ended
But the moments of them together
Remind me very much of her

Those silly love songs I hear
With the silliest lines are so clear
They poignantly tell me of her
And our days and nights together

If only my heart can sing
It will sing the sweetest melodies
Of our nights overlooking
The yellow moon’s vast seas

But my cold mind’s resolve
Was that she may just be my first
Of a long line of ladies
Who will quench my heart’s thirst

And when the songs and movies end
My feeling for her disappears
My heart no longer sees
My heart no longer hears

My mind doesn’t love her at all
And my heart’s memory is nil
It only sees and only hears
But when senses cease, it also will

She broke up with me
On the 29th of February
The night before, all hours wide
I played “When Love and Hate Collide”

Why I find such song so pretty
I could not stop listening
I can feel its story
Our beautiful story

For we broke up many times
And came back again the same times
One lasted for twenty minutes
Imagine its effect on our wits!

If I love her so much
Why does my mind tell me not
That it’s pure illusions
And not true passions?

If my mind disagrees with my heart
Should it win the debate?
Or should it concede ---
That I no longer wait

To make that phone-call
Or send her this poetry
To tell her what my heart feels
That she's still special to me...


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