The Sparkle Of Your Eyes

The sparkle of your eyes

Got me so mesmerized

That, with you, I think

I will be in paradise

I can only imagine

What might it be

Is it pure bliss ---

Or more maybe?

The roads' distant miles

I will dare to drive

The hours spent, I won't mind

Just to be by your side

When I get there

We'll go to the countryside

And visit Mercedes'

Seven dainty isles

The Belle of the Pacific

Excites and mystifies

My ever curious mind

Like the sparkle in your eyes

But the best about you

Is something even more

You have a quaint way

Of making a beautiful day

There's so much to unravel

Behind your nice exterior

Can we talk more

When we go travel?

I haven't shown you

This side of mine

There's a poet in me

When my heart's inspired

You're one of the few people

Who make my heart write for

Not only your eyes' sparkle ---

There are many more

Won't we start a new chapter?

Let's go from here

To just about everywhere?

Our yacht of dreams must now steer

Visit every ocean

Gaze at every island

In an odyssey

That never gets done!


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