Sta. Magdalena: A Hidden Paradise!


You've probably seen white-sand, black-sand, and even pink-sand beaches. But have you seen a beach that transitions to different colors?

Source: Ang Bongto ko, Sta. Magdalena FB page

The remote coastal town of Sta. Magdalena, Sorsogon has so much variety in its hidden beaches and coves. Although neighboring Matnog is more famous due to its pink-sand beaches and islands, Sta. Magdalena still deserves the moniker "Hidden Paradise" for curious reasons.

It's not as stunning as the popular pink-sand Subic Beach in Matnog but you will be surprised at the many things you'll see there.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Sta. Magdalena is located near the southeasternmost end of the long island of Luzon. It is the smallest town of Sorsogon both in land area and population but it is a treasure trove of geologic wonders that abound its coast. 

Inside the Residencia Del Hamor, looking over a beach in Sta. Magdalena.

Its very name puts a smile on one's face. Aside from being easy on the tongue, it is Spanish in origin. That a Romantic language from Mediterranean Europe made its way to the farthest shores of Asia makes one think that fate has a knack of bringing beautiful things together...

An enticing break from the challenging workweek...

To understand why it deserves the moniker "Hidden Paradise,one must see for themself what surprises await them. This article recommends that you book a trip and make plans to visit Sta. Magdalena, a paradise secluded and unknown to the rest of the world!

The Transitions

Lots of seaweeds and broken corals near Residencia.

What I love most about Sta. Magdalena's beaches are their lovely transitions from color to color. There's so much variety for one's eyes to fancy on. At the very spot Residencia stands (the resort we stayed in), the beach isn't exactly lovely --- lots of seaweeds, broken corals and all. But that's just part of Sta. Magdalena's surprise. For one to fall in love with this coastal town, it has to be explored. I tell you, the curious will be rewarded!

A few meters southwards, the beach starts to clear up...

One needs extra patience with Sta. Magdalena. The beach is not immediately pleasant on the eye. Signs that it will be are not conspicuous either. But just tiny bits of curiosity, and faith in its moniker, will bring about one's desire. A few meters to the south of Residencia, the beach begins to clear up, and the whiteness of the sand becomes visible.

As you go along, the sea becomes bluer, and the sands whiter, finer, softer. At this point, Sta. Magdalena is now comparable to Boracay. But the lovely saint just doesn't want to end there. Be a little more curious, and you will see what most people won't...

If you think that white sands are all there is to Sta. Magdalena, you are completely mistaken! A few meters farther, you will discover that the color of the sands change yet again. As one can see above, black sands begin to appear...

White and black are not the only colors you will see at the beach. A more extensive reconnaissance will lead you to a part where it transitions to champagne pink --- I had to look that up at Wikipedia's full list of colors!

And the transition goes on. Champagne pink now becomes darker, more visible, while the white and the black are still in sight, making the beach quintessentially unique --- it has three varied colors!

The beach's varied colors are not the only things remarkable about it. The sand particles are very fine and soft, your feet will easily submerge. It's hard to walk by because of the sands' very fine, soft texture.

The pictures do not give justice to the sight though. It is so much more beautiful in person. A most important detail cannot be captured by the camera --- that some sand particles shine like diamonds or silver. No exaggeration there. How that naturally happens is certainly a gift from Mother Nature... but they're only visible in person...

The colors continued to change. The sands turn crimson red before returning to their pinkish state. While they are really nice, one must not forget that there's the sea out there. What can possibly be discovered here? When I made the dip, I felt that the waters were cool and rejuvenating; I no longer felt the scorching heat of the sun...

The beach changes its appearance in just short distances. At the farthest I could go, I saw it transform one last time. The pink shades faded and the seaweeds began to dominate once more. It still looks lovely though and I prefer it this way rather than cleared; let it be natural as can be!

As I head back north to Residencia, I discovered the inverse views of my southward journey. The beach looked different this time even though it's the very same beach I explored earlier.

The white and the black, and sometimes the pink, and all other transitions of Sta. Magdalena's beaches make this small, coastal town a lovely getaway. Its remoteness and seclusion, as well as the fact that you will not easily see her charm, entitled her the moniker "Hidden Paradise."


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