This is the first chapter of the futuristic novel entitled "Da Vinci Ideas"... 

It was a sunny morning in mid September 2117 when Johnny Edwards, a litigation lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts drove his way to a client's house.

His vehicle was a simple 2-seat space car that floats in the air effortlessly. It does not need fossil fuel nor electricity. Thus, it was environment-friendly and needs no charging. It was simply powered by sunlight, heat, and carbon dioxide. Yes, in the process of driving it, the car itself reduces carbon footprint.

It was not easy to find the home of Dr. Michaelson, Atty. Edwards' client, for it was in the middle of rows and rows of mansions along 64th street. But with the help of 22nd-Century GPS, Atty Edwards was able to reach the address in an hour.

"Whew, that wasn't so easy." An hour of driving was already long by that time's standard.

He hopped off the car and stepped on a small colored block with an area of about 5 square meters. In about 10 seconds, the gate of the mansion opened even without anyone opening it.

The entrance to the Michaelson Mansion

The block had a sensor. All that Atty Edwards needed to do was to give Dr. Michaelson the number of his shoes so that, whenever he steps on the block, the gate would automatically open.

It was 2117 when legal changes due to the rise of serial killers in the past two centuries made it imperative for Americans to enclose their homes with tall concrete fences and gates.

Atty Edwards was stunned by the magnificence of his client's property but immediately he was distracted by a devil of a dog barking so loudly.

"Oh, you're here!" It was Dr Michaelson.

"I'm sorry for the barking of the dog. He's very hostile to first-time visitors, but eventually, he'd be nice to you."

"It's okay, Doc. I'm not even the slightest bothered so don't worry about it. Besides, I'm a little fascinated. He seems to be a cross between rottweiler and pitbull."

"Oh... Bruno isn't a cross. He's a pure-breed."


"Oh, you're not familiar with his breed? He's an anastacia!"

"You mean, this breed that most certainly looks like a brave, daresome warrior was named after a princess?"

"Oh n-n-n-n-o. This breed was not named after the Russian princess. It was named after its breeder, Dr. Sigmund Anastacia."

"Hmmmm... It certainly fascinates me. I'm sure that Bruno, being male, isn't a princess. He seems so masculine."

"Everybody thinks he isn't but he is."


"Yup, he's a male dog attracted to male dogs. Therefore, he is a princess."

"You keep on astounding me, Dr. Michaelson. As usual. But I'm a bit curious, why did you give him a masculine name if he's gay?"

"Oh, attorney, aren't you familiar?"

"With what, Doc?"

"Bruno is now acceptable as a name for females too... It has been like that since about 5 years ago..." Dr. Michaelson had a Ph D in Baby Names after all.

To be continued...


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