A Mirthful Dream

My grandmother, Nelly Venus Mapusao.
Photo taken, June 5, 1996.

It was early morning

When so suddenly

I woke up dreaming

A peculiar melody

A music I've never heard

Since the time of my birth

Certainly something new

But rings in my heart so true

Without hesitation

Without perspiration

Only inspiration

I wrote my first creation

She was a dear friend

I consider heaven-sent

So cute and so funny

She always makes me happy

We both love fluffy cats

On a random day, she sat

Beside me, she drew

A hilarious cartoon

Where she talked to me

In a crowded room randomly

Her use of speech bubbles

I find quirky and adorable

That and the many other things

About her I find fascinating

And so came the melody

Out to life so suddenly

From a dream into reality

The very first for me

But the only one of its kind

Of all and all of time

Something else happened

I vividly remember when

A few more months later

Made it even better

I saw my grandmother

Asking me to sing it for her

I sang the best I can

In our comfy home then

It was also sunny morning

By the couch she was always sitting

Where the bright sunlight glows

Near the long, provincial road

Her round eyes gleamed

The rest of her face beamed

She was very certainly

More than happy and giddy

That moment was special,

Mirthful and ethereal

I forgot the words she spoke

In a little while, I awoke

It was just another dream

 And I realized something dim

My grandmother had rested

But that moment bested

All dreams I've ever had...

All of them, even the sad...

That dream always makes me glad

And I think that was really rad

My grandmother died on May 19, 2006.

The song was written two years later...


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