That One Glance


It was a simple moment

On a boring afternoon when

You stared at something

So deep, serious, and pensive

Out of the blue, you smiled

I sort of wondered

What was going on there

Might be something worthwhile?

I guess we will never know

But whatever that thing though

My life very much started anew

And it was all because of you

If the pandemic never came

It would've been all the same

Because of it, I met someone nice

It is you that changed my life

The first time I saw you

I knew you were 'the one'

Maybe you feel the same way too

I haven't felt that way with anyone

Thank you for being there for me

For making me feel complete

For making me happy

And for everything in between

Happy Belated Monthsary

I hope I've made you happy

With this simple piece

Which finally ended my tease!



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