The Elusive Mirth


Image by Patricia Palmans from Pixabay

Christmas is everywhere

We see all vivid decors

We hear all mirthful tenors

We taste all exquisite flavors!

Splendid, colorful

Mellifluous, flavorful

Everything is amazing

Everything is dazzling!

These are the beautiful things

That the splendid Yuletide Season brings

But they all emanate from one thing ---

A matter that is fascinating!

For what gives these beautiful things

Significance and meaning

Are not the outward beauty they possess

Nor the extravagance or the excesses

For the real beauty that lingers

Cannot be seen, cannot be touched

For the true magic that flickers

Cannot be earned, cannot be munched

This beautiful, elusive mirth

Is not even worth a penny

It is something free

But makes everyone happy

It is something we can give

Especially on Christmas Eve

It is every little good deed

That puts a smile on one in need

For the source of the beauty that lingers

Lies within all of us, sinners

It is a gift from the heavens above

It is nothing but pure love

Image by Eva Michalkova from Pixabay

That we ought to share

To those we love and care

And even those we're not aware

It is for everyone, everywhere!

To extend mercy and charity

To give hope and forgiveness

To practice modesty and humility

To reconcile and bring happiness

These are all the beautiful things

Invaluable and free

Yet these will make everyone happy

And they all share that one lingering beauty ---

The love we have for each other

That emanates from the baby in the manger

And everything He stands for

As we celebrate his birth together

Let the magic flow and resonate

As we continue to celebrate

Let it be felt by everyone

Let sadness be felt by no one

And bring peace and good tidings

To everyone on earth

Such invaluable thing ---

This dazzling, but elusive mirth!

Image by littlerocket from Pixabay


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