Tears of Joy


It was the early days of 2013

I remember the things I've seen

Something was special those days and nights

An event changed my entire life

I was at the top of the class then

When I was told to come home

To my lonesome, childless parents

Deep within, I was all alone

I absolutely had no friends

I didn't even know myself

I was empty, unhappy

And then, I discovered DXP

All my life was void

But someone fin'lly gave me joy

In the nothingness of cyberspace

I didn't even have the capacity to see your face

But the feelings I had resonate

Until today, up to now, maybe for ever

I am willing to wait

Because of the many things I remember

Do you know happiness?

Do you know sadness?

When I remember you

I feel both of these two

Maybe, but it's just my guess

You bring me both happiness and sadness

Joys for the funny memories

Gloom for the same kinds of bliss

That you both gave to me

Happy, unhappy, or both maybe

But now, I'm saying sorry

For whatever I did to thee

Every day, I would hope and pray

That we will be friends again

In the very much same way

That you made me laugh to no end

The twirling of the bottle

How can that be so hilarious

And so stupid at the same time

What a joy you gave to my life

I have kept your presents

And never used them again

Because I cherish you as a friend

All day, every day, again and again...


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