The Idyllic Sumlang Lake


        Strolling by a rather small but elongated lake to celebrate my birthday, it was a most serene Sunday I’ve ever felt in a long while. The lake, however, was not only serene and picturesque, it was also blessed with melodies from birds chirping around. Small insects made music as well.

Can you spot the red dragonfly?

The vibe was all but idyllic, both in appearance as well as in sound. Everything was wisteria and sunshine despite the gloomy weather in the middle of rainy September. The lovely volcano did not have to make any appearance anymore; she has let the lowly lake take the credit for all the beauty and splendor of the place. It was after all what we were after, with or without Mayon.

Verdant greens are always good for the eyes, but a little pink gives the sight more character...

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of my busy life – the evenings of September needed Disney Sleep Jazz to snooze me into dreamland – the visit to the lake was all I needed to recharge from work, but it was so much more than expected.

Just one of the tranquil views of the small lake...

Sumlang Lake has been gaining more and more buzz from tourists, both local and foreign. Looking at pictures online, one wouldn’t understand why it’s slowly gaining more fame as time goes by. One has to see for themself what the magic is all about.

People lounging like there's no tomorrow...

We thought it was just some lake with decorations and a few glimpses of Mayon (and its reflection cast on the surface). We didn’t understand why it is often featured, not by ads but, by people we know on social media. There were no expectations at all, but because it seems to be gaining ground in the tourism industry, we took the chance to see what we’ll find there.

Nothing but pure bliss. My mum poses with the lake behind...

We were astounded. The lake seems to be an amalgam of both visual and audial spectacle – its idyllic appearance was further beautified by the melodies produced by birds and insects. As the shape of the lake was elongated, so too was its landscape --- it was long enough to have more than an ample space for strolling and relaxing.

No worries... No stress... Everybody's just having a good time...

But I almost forgot another of my senses relaxed by the scenery – that of “touch.” Gentle breeze freely circulated the area, carrying mild temperatures of about 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. It was just enough of cozy cool, no warmth, and certainly no humidity!

Sprinkled with pink, the lake is as elegant as it can be...

And as the visit was meant for an early dinner (it’s my birthday after all), we indulged in savory dishes we ordered for. The cordon bleu, the buttered vegetables, and the Bicol Express were all delightful!


With all our senses rejuvenated, we went home blissful and more than satisfied. It was a birthday I will never forget – it seemed to me a dream we were transported into… A place that's not imaginable but does in fact exist…

Satisfying meals for dinner...


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