A Doting Star

Our Lady of Peñafrancia Shrine, Naga City.

Oh sweet Peñafrancia

Mother of Bicolandia

Your name is aroma

Feels like sampaguita

Oh sweet Peñafrancia

Mother of Bicolandia

You lull us like gondola

Ease our minds like siesta

Our tender loving mother

As warm as balmy weather

As pleasant as lavender

Your pureness shines forever

From north as Capalonga

To south as Esperanza

Beyond east of Baras

Your love encompasses us

Star of the Seas

Shield us from calamities

Cleanse us of our sins

Forgive our misgivings

Star of the Seas

Bring us serendipities

From abaca to pilis

To anything with chillies

Somewhere in Jovellar

Milaor or Pilar

Wherever we are

You are a doting star!


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