A Timeless State

 A place not bound by time

A state of eternal bliss

No need for any dime

No stress, no worries

Where everyone is content

Where every part is heaven

Where joy is every moment

Forever, no matter when

Truth floats as air

Embraces everywhere

Trust is not a language

No need to ever gauge

People sinned no more

All errors pardoned

The lessons they learned

Built a joyful forever

It started from a place so empty

But though barren

Was protected from

Every calamity

But all who have gathered

Had in their hearts

Regret but pure love

For one another

They saw in each other

A brother or sister

A trustworthy friend

A mother, a father

They tilled the soil

They fished the seas

Evolved a luscious broil

'Till they earned a feast

It was a big family

That forever will be

An ever-growing place

Of everlasting harmony


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