Eternal Flames


I do not desire nor wish

To go down the depths

Of the forlorn abyss

Where anger is all that’s left


I do not desire nor wish

To be cursed forever

By those who should reminisce

While I’m roasted in ember


I may never be flawless

But like anyone else

I’d love to live eternally

In nothing but lavish glory


But what if I’m not chosen

Among the lucky few

To set foot on heaven

And savour its graces too?


If my last destiny

Is that of misery

Forever condemned

Over and over again


I’d still ask forgiveness

For all my sins, decadence

And all of my vices

Over and over again

From today and hereafter

I’d humbly acknowledge

Everything from my bad to worst

Any and all of my errors!


A word of truce I wish this will be

To whoever reads this poetry

If it’s all needed to be at peace

Please, please forgive me


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