The Polvoron Beaches of Cagraray Island

My first ocular inspection of a client's property has been fascinating. It was a nice, seaside lot facing a beach unique from all others I've been to.

Before my short sojourn, all I thought was that it's going to be an ordinary white-sand beach. After all, that's what my client told me so. It wasn't anything like that at all, however.

Our tour guide asked me if the place is comparable to Boracay. I bluntly said, "no, but I don't want white-sand beaches anymore as I've been to so many before. This is something else, this is something more special."

If you think there can only be five or so colors of beaches there are in the world, Cagraray Island will prove you wrong. Barangay Mataas, on its southern part, will surprise you by colors you never would expect.

Cagraray is an island located on the eastern part of Albay Province. It is connected to the mainland through a bridge that spans across Sula Channel.

However, during the voyage, our destination could only be accessed by boats from Sula Port because a  typhoon caused landslides blocking the way to Barangay Mataas.

While many people would consider this a tribulation, it actually made our trip even more interesting. A boat ride from Sula Port means that we will see the sights of Sula Channel as well...

Sula Channel
The Stranded Ships

You will see plenty of ships docked along Sula Channel. Our tour guide briefly explained to us that this body of water is a favorite among maritime pilots because the water level here is deep and the tides remain unchanged the entire year regardless of time and the relative position of the moon.

Three ships docked side by side looking like Lego pieces from afar.

Even during strong typhoons that frequently visit Bicol Region, the waters of Sula Channel remain stable. As a result, dozens or even hundreds of ships from so many other places flock to this narrow channel only to be salvaged from the wrath of calamities.

My personal anecdote would add something to this trivia. After arriving at the Sula Port, I asked a young teenager, who was then playing billiards at a cottage nearby, what the name of the barangay was. The young dude simply said he doesn't know because he was not from there. When asked where he is from, he answered that he's from San Andres, Catanduanes.

It turns out that the young guy was just one of the several dozens of stranded passengers heading to Catanduanes Island-Province. The waves of the ocean at that time was too dangerous for voyage.

Yachts are very rare in Bicol Region. This in particular is owned by an American Citizen.

Mataas Cove
The Golden Beige Beach

Our client's lot is located along Mataas Beach. Its hues are something I have never seen before; the color is primarily beige but it is dotted by so many rocks washed ashore shining in gold.

A dainty chapel stands in the middle of our client's property. When viewed from the sea, it gives quite an idyllic vibe due to its sanctity enveloped by the rural atmosphere of the place.

In some parts of the beach, the striking color of the rocks overshadows the beige sands. It becomes even more dramatic with the still boats around.

But the beach is still primarily beige, most of it, at least...

The cove itself emits the sea green color. During low tides, the beige color of the sands line up side by side with the sea green in what appears to be very light but dramatic pastel color scheme...

Picturesque and tranquil, Mataas Beach is a honeymooners' paradise...

A small inn stands in the middle of the beach. A room costs 5,000 pesos a night. Unfortunately, we were not able to get the contact details of the management. However, I will update this article as soon as I get their numbers.

The small inn overlooking Mataas Cove...

Although Mataas Beach is practically inaccessible to motorists, a narrow pathway runs across it where small motorcycles pass by...

A motorcyle rider with the view of the beige-colored beach...

Up close, the sands take the appearance of the well-loved polvoron... but the nearby coast is even more mouth-watering...

Baritan Cove
The Salted Caramel Beach

Baritan Cove is only a few meters away; the distance can be accomplished by walking leisurely. It embraces a beach that looked like food --- the colors of the stones, pebbles and sands give it the semblance of a salted caramel ice cream. If the beach suddenly makes you feel hungry by mere sight, it is because of this.

Baritan Cove leads visitors to the famous Namurupuerta Beach, which means, "like a cave" or "like a cavity." We reached Namurupuerta Beach but, unfortunately, I was not able to get decent photos due to time constraints.

The path leading there, which is the Baritan Cove is splendid nevertheless. The beach is dotted by so many pink and gray rocks that resemble marshmallows...

At other parts, though, the beach turns a little like chocolate fudge...


A short trip to the Polvoron Beaches of Cagraray Island in Barangay Mataas is not enough. Nonetheless, my brief sojourn to the island deserved its very own blog entry because it has been that worthwhile...


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