The Multiverse of Manong Johnny


Image Source: Presidential Communications Office through Phil. Star

In another world, Leni won the 2022 elections by the same margin she won 6 years earlier. Her vice president, however, was not Kiko Pangilinan. It was Sara who emerged victorious, locking down the first time in history where the two highest positions of the land were both held by women.

Bitter exchange of statements were hurled in the next six years, both making claims about the latter's incompetence. Soon, rivalries emerged, coups were staged to unseat Leni. Meanwhile, BBM remained jobless for the entire period of Leni's rule.

Predictably, Enrile outlived her administration. He was still alive by the time she completed her presidency. By then, the pandemic is over. He was already 104 years old but he still ran for president with the same tagline he had in previous elections --- "Gusto ko, Happy ka."

The masses loved his campaign jingles but it was Sara who snagged the presidency, making another first in history --- a woman succeeding another woman for the highest position of the land. Immediately, the constitution was amended, barring anyone beyond the age of 100 from running for president.

In another six years, Enrile continued to breathe. It was 2034 already and the new president was Robin Padilla. At this time, the centenarian and the movie star had forged some level of friendship similar to that of Digong and Bong Go in 2020.

The age limit was lifted in 2037 after another change in the constitution. By 2040, with the amazing age of 116, Enrile finally reached the summit of all elective positions. He died however in less than a year. Cause of death was assassination.

Happy 100 years, Manong Johnny!

Originally posted on Abogadong Pinoy on August 17, 2022. 
Special thanks to Marnie Tonson for suggesting the title.


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