An Everlasting Pulchritude

The beauty that still mesmerises us
Of the mountain who used to be a lass
Every time we set our eyes on her
Something makes us wonder

For how can Mother Nature be so gracious
To give us something which, though, we need not choose
Is, nevertheless, spectacular
That no other mountain is at par?

She’s beyond magnificent
Though she explodes every now and then
Her many eruptions
Conjured rousing captions

What would scare us to leave?
The magma? The raining of ash?
The broken debris? The boulders?
Or the lava-fountaining and showers?

But these are the same matters
That add to the volcano’s wonders
Because from a safe distance
You would see some other-worldly trance...

For tourists and visitors,
Even to locals and natives,
Its explosion and eruption
Are tourist attractions

Why are we not afraid then,
Do you ever wonder?
Because we always see her…
As a beautiful lady with the usual temper.

But at most times, she’s calm and collected,
And the grace she exudes,
Makes her being volcano,
Forgotten and overlooked.

The clouds she's often covered
As clothes she dances with,
But when they reveal her,
A splendid beauty you will discover...


  1. I'm always a fan of Mt. Mayon. Its greatness sets me in awe.
    Yes, the One is really so gracious for blessing us with such.
    Mt. Mayon, her majesty, is indeed a very beautiful disaster.
    I also wonder, what would it be like seeing the whole Bicolandia? Probably, her view from the top?
    Want to witness it so soooooon~

  2. Everything about Mt.Mayon is breath-taking. Truly she really is a beautiful disaster. This poem is substantial.Thank you for this!

  3. Amazing! This poem made me remember the legend of Daragang Magayon. The legend says that the clouds which covered the majestic volcano means that her beloved Ulap/Panganoron was embracing her, showing his affection and never-ending devotion to Magayon.

  4. Everytime Mayon erupts, you cannot know what to feel and express --- if you will be scared from the lava and ashes it explodes or you will be amazed by the beauty behind the disaster. Indeed it's a beautiful disaster.

  5. Even though I see Mayon everyday, I'm still always amazed by her beauty. Albay is so blessed to have Mt. Mayon because it boosts the province's tourism and agriculture for its ashes make the land around it fertile.

  6. I thought its only me who's been caught by the beauty of Mt. Mayon. :)

  7. For sure, everyone will be in awe upon the sight of Mt. Mayon, even the Albayanos who see this treasure almost everyday. Even the story behind it contains so much meaning. Our province is truly blessed to have such a breath-taking tourist spot.

  8. I've been seeing the breathtaking view of Mayon Volcano almost everyday of my life. And I wonder why its beauty still left me mesmerized. Nice poem!

  9. Even in rage, its beauty is still dangerously magnificent and that's what makes me captivated


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