Is Love a Constant –

Regardless of mood or circumstance, it remains? And when it fades because of a tweak here or there, it is but a mirage?

I guess I’ve felt what it’s supposed to be – for ladies I cannot be with. It’s the emotion I feel when I see someone to be perfect or perfectly beautiful despite the flaws because for no reason but love, her allegorical scars – the mistakes of God – are forgiven.

The feeling doesn’t change. It's a constancy of company and connection, a perspective that endures day by day, moment by moment, even after years or decades passing by. Because I see her in exactly the same way as the day we met, and the more we get to know each other, I unravel more things I like about her, all justifying the imperfections, and giving me memories that add spice to mundane moments.

I may have sought the wrong women, looked love in the wrong places, defined it by wrong standards. Age does not matter, everybody says. But my youth is done; my potentials to develop young, sweet romance is gone.

Now that I’ve come in full circle, I know better. Perhaps from now on, I will not err.


  1. I guess love really is a constant Sir, and God's love for us is a living proof 💖 Also, our love for you po sir is also a proof hehe. Although we're on our separate ways po sir, we know in our hearts that you'll never be replaced as our best ObliCon prof 💖 Lovelots po sir from BSA1A 😊 - Prianes, Acee P. ❣️

  2. Love is an energy. It cannot be destroyed. It just changes into another form, another kind, another intensity- depending on our own choice. 😊

  3. Love is love. It embraces imperfections. It simplifies complexities. It goes beyond physical composures. It has this immeasurable depthness that cannot be encaptulated in a single form. Love has it's own vastness--an omnipresence characteristic which makes it distinctive. Indeed, it's constancy doesn't change even as time goes by.

  4. Love isn't just a feeling, attachment or even an emotion... Love itself is life because a brand new you is born when love finds its way towards your own world.

  5. It is true that the feeling of love doesn't change. If it does change, then it isn't love. The feeling remains the same regardless of how much the time has gone older. It endures the pain of distance. It overcomes regardless of circumstances. It chooses not to cease. It chooses not to change. It invariably remains.

  6. Love changes because we people are imperfect however despite the changes it will always find its way to come back .If it is real it won't go away instead it will just run deeper and lovelier at the right place and at the right time. We just have to trust the process.


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